Jul 27, 2011 / 14 notes

I wonder if I’m not getting job offers because of my stutter.


I stutter, and it’s limiting, I understand, unless I know you pretty well. When someone stutters and is an incredibly nervous/awkward person such as I am, I can be pretty hard to understand depending on the situation.

I stuttered pretty bad at my last interview, and I’m wondering if that was the deciding factor; that I was too hard to understand, and they thought it’d be hard to communicate with me during the work day.

I’m fully capable, I just interview terribly. Should employers look past it? Yeah. But, there’s not much I can do about it.

Now it all makes sense.

I’m fucked.

  1. regainingmymoxy said: I didn’t notice a stutter when we met in NYC. It’s because you like me so much!! BTW Coney Island has a whole new amusement park called the FEAR ZONE!! >:o)
  2. iron-inside said: :/
  3. steelmangoes said: Definitely what Dani said. Admit it. That way anyone who you’re interviewing with will know how to interpret it. They might even see your honesty as a strength, you’re putting THEM at ease!!
  4. kristysfoodandfitness said: They shouldn’t determine whether you get the job based on your stutter. Maybe if you came right out and told them at the beginning that you have a stutter and that it’s worse when you’re nervous? They might be more inclined to look past it.
  5. ohh-shenanigans said: That’s terrible :( *hugs*
  6. laughingdani said: If I were you I would say something about it in your next interview. Like, “I only stutter when I’m nervous.” so that they know it will not be a problem in your everyday work. I’ve seen you on video and I didn’t really notice a stutter honestly.
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